Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gift Bags From Old Calendars

Hopefully you haven't thrown out last year's calendar yet, because here is some more treasure from trash!  This idea came from my mother and they are so easy to make.  Even the handles are from recycled material, they were crocheted using plastic shopping bags cut in inch-wide strips.


These cute little gift bags can also be made from scrapbook paper, heavy weight gift wrap, or you can stamp your own design on plain paper.  In fact, these are perfect for stamping since you start out with a flat, unfolded piece of paper.

Craft Recipe:

  • Gift bag instructions
  • Page from an old calendar
  • Scoring tool
  • Ruler
  • Hole punch
  • Double-stick tape, or glue
  • Scissors

You can view my other treasure from trash projects at:


  1. I sooo love this idea! I have saved the calendars to do faux cloisonne...well you can only do so much of it! This is a fabulous way to use those beautiful pieces of artwork! Thanks for the idea...and the handles! what a wonderful GREEN thing to do!

  2. Love love love this! Just used your instructions to make a last minute gift bag out of some scrapbook paper I had lying around when I didn't having anything to wrap a gift with! Thank you!!!!

  3. What a great way to recycle those old calendars this idea. TFS!!!

  4. I love this idea! So fun! Old calenders could be used for lots of recycling projects.