Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas Card From the Recycle Bin

The first challenge for December over at Paper Wishes is to make a card that has something recycled on it.  So, off I went to dig through the recycle bin.  Thankfully, we forgot to put it out this week, so I was able to find some treasures.  I found some medium weight blue paper from some glossy flyers, a blue utility envelope and a discarded paper board insert from my latest cutting die purchase from Paper Wishes.  Next, I perused my collection of salvaged security envelopes, you know, the kind with the designs printed on the inside… I sometimes use them for iris folding so I keep an eye out for interesting patterns.  I dug through those and found one with a lovely gray cross-hatch pattern and another one with a matching black pattern.  Lastly, I found an envelope from a card I received last year that had a silver lining inside the flap (yes, I am a packrat, especially if it’s shiny!).

I threw all that together with some Paper Artist cutting dies (Snowflakes and Lacy Labels), Dazzles and Christmas greeting stamps and this is what I came up with.




Not bad for trash!