Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tea Bag Tiles

I haven't had much time this week for crafting, but I have had a little bit of time to play with Kaleidoscope Kreator and I made some square, round and octagon shaped tea bag tiles.  Here are a few.   If you would like to download any of them, click the one you want to open it in full size, then right-click and save the image.

You can find tea bag tile folding instructions on my web site at

Square tea bag tiles:






Round tea bag tiles:

round tea bag tile, flowers blue, green round tea bag tile - blue round tea bag tile, pink, blue, green round tea bag tile, daisy, blue, white round tea bag tile, blue, green

Octagon tea bag tiles:

octagon tea bag tile, blue and green octagon tea bag tile, pink, green white octagon tea bag tile, green, blue, pink, white octagon tea bag tile, blue, pink, whitel octagon tea bag tile, rose, pink octagon tea bag tile, blue, green, yellow, white

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  1. I just found your website while looking for tea bag folding info. I love it! I love the generator - but can't use it at home because of my browser! Please - can you upgrade it to work with WIE higher versions?????Please please! LOL. I too, use Kaleidescope Kreator and love it and want to make my own tea bag tiles for my cards and scrapbook pages. Keep crafting! love your site!