Thursday, January 22, 2009

Awards and Some of My Favorite Blogs.

 Julie, one of my best and longest-time card making friends gave me these awards.


First I am to list 5 things I am addicted to:

1. Well, I don't know that I'd call it an addiction, perhaps obsession would be better!  Number one is my family, particularly my granddaughter.

2. Paper crafting, which encompasses a multitude of techniques.  I don't like to be tied down to any particular one for very long and tend to go through phases.

3. Kaleidoscope Kreator 3.  I really liked version 2, but version 3 is oh, so much better.  I could spend hours creating designs from my photos and graphics collections.

4. My website and blog.  I'm always looking for something to add to them and I check the statistics almost every day.

5. Clip Art.  I am a clip art junkie.  Right now my absolute favorite place to go for clip art is 

From here I am to pass these awards on to 5 Blogs I love to Visit and let them know I have awarded them! I am sending these on to:

1. Lori Jean -  She has a a wide variety of crafty creations on her blog including tons of free downloads, yummy recipes and frugal gift ideas.

2. Frances - I love the imagination and creativity she puts into her card layouts, and man, can she color stamped images!  All of her creations look so professional.

3. Faith - Another extremely talented stamper and oh, I am SO envious of her stamping room!

4. Susan - I never know what I'm going to find on her blog.  She does EVERYTHING and does it so well!

5. Giovana - I met Giovana through an MSN group I ran for a while.  Her creations are cheery and upbeat and I love the selection of music on her blog.