Sunday, April 6, 2008

String Art

String art, also known as Spirelli, is really easy to do.  All you need are some scalloped shapes and embroidery floss.  Wrap the embroidery floss around the shapes you have a beautiful design that looks like it took hours instead of minutes to make.

Here is a card I made recently for my Sister-in-law:


It was made using three different punches, the Marvy Uchida Giga, Mega and Jumbo scalloped circles. I wrapped two layers of floss around the two inner circles.

I created my own shapes in Paint Shop Pro Pro to make this card:

spirelli 20080325

Don't be intimidated by the cutting.  It only took about five minutes each to cut the shapes out.  If you want to try it, you can download a page of shapes here:

You can also purchase Spirelli punches online from various craft retailers. This is not something I've done, so I do not have any recommendations.

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  1. I really like how string art looks. It's reminds me of looking through a kaleidoscope when I was a kid.