Friday, June 2, 2017

Birthday Balloons

A nice little perk for ordering from Fun Stamper's Journey is you get free stuff with orders over $50.  Who doesn't want free stuff, right?  The balloons and the flowers on this card are made with the Blown Up Die and Celebration Trim I received with a recent order. 
The following items can be purchased at
  • To You
  • Butter Cream (CS-0006)
  • Huckleberry Fusion (CS-0015)
  • Lemon Grass (CS-0019)
  • Pool Play (CS-0092)
  • Orange Creamcicle (CS-0024)
  • Lemon Drop (CS-0018) (I was out of Lemon Drop so I colored the yellow balloon with PanPastels)
  • Huckleberry Fusion (IP-0035)
  • Tangerine Fusion (IP-0005)
  • Rich Sorbets PanPastels (JM-0082) - optional
  • Blown Up Die Set (DI-0171)
  • Journey Ovals (DI-0042)
  • Journey Thread (AC-0133)
  • Celebration Trim (AC-0195)
  • Journey Sequins Blue Skies (AC-0113)
  • Journey Sequins Special Celebration (AC-0115)
  • Journey Foam Squares (AD-0084 or AD-0085)
  • White Liner (AD-0001)
  • Journey Craft Glue (AD-0111)
  • Journey Platinum (TO-0090) or RG Amaze (TO-0134) Machine
  • Journey Blooms Paper Trimmer (TO-0039)
  • Quilling tool or reverse tweezers (not available from FSJ)


  1. Cut a 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" rectangle from Lemon Grass cardstock and score at 4 1/4".
  2. Cut a 5 1/4" x 4" rectangle from Huckleberry Fusion cardstock.
  3. Use the largest Journey Oval to cut an oval from Buttercream cardstock.
  4. Cut one balloon from each of the following colors: Orange Creamcicle, Pool Play, Lemon Drop.
  5. Optionally shade the balloons with PanPastels.
  6. Cut a 1" x 8 1/2" strip from Lemon Grass cardstock.
  7. Score the Lemon Grass strip down the middle, lengthwise and fold on the score line.
  8. Cut five leaves from the lemongrass strip and fringe cut the edges.
  1. Stamp Happy onto the Pool Play balloon with Huckleberry Fusion ink.
  2. Stamp Birthday onto the Lemon Drop balloon with Tangerine Fusion ink.
  1. To create the flowers, fold the celebration trim in half at the stitching.  Hold one end of the trim with a quilling tool or a pair of tweezers coil the fringe around itself snugly.  Stop when the coil is about 1/2" in diameter and glue the end in place.  Add glue to the inside bottom of the coil and set aside to dry.
  2. Attach the Huckleberry Fusion rectangle to the card base with White Liner
  3. Glue the Buttercream oval near the top of the Huckleberry Fusion rectangle, centering it horizontally.
  4. Tie Journey Thread to the Pool Play and Lemon Drop balloons.
  5. Glue the Orange Creamcicle balloon so that it overlaps the upper right side of the Buttercream oval.
  6. Glue a short piece of Journey Thread to the Orange Creamcicle balloon.
  7. Pop the Pool Play balloon up on Journey Foam squares and position it so that it overlaps the upper left side of the Buttercream oval and the lower left side of the Orange Creamcicle balloon.
  8. Pop the Lemon Drop balloon up on a double layor of Journey Foam squares and position it so that it overlaps the Pool Play balloon and the Orange Creamcicle balloon as shown.
  9. Position the Pool Play fringe flower over the balloon threads and adhere with Journey Craft Glue.
  10. Position remaining flowers and leaves as shown, adhering the with Journey Craft Glue.
  11. Use Journey Craft Glue to add a scattering of sequins.

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