Friday, May 26, 2017

Oops! I Did it Again...

I absolutely love how the Fun Stamper’s Journey products are color coordinated.  This card features Rich Sorbets papers with the coordinating PanPastels.  Having a coloring medium that matches my papers makes it so much easier to achieve the results I am looking for.  PanPastels are so fun to work with and are very forgiving.  If you make a mistake, just erase it.  I like to use a kneaded eraser for fine details, but a regular eraser will work too.

  • Oops! ATS (AT-0206)
  • Butter Cream (CS-0006)
  • Summer Days(CS-0033)
  • Blue Lagoon(CS-0004)
  • Beach Ball(CS-0088)
  • Black Licorice (IP-0041)
  • Rich Sorbets PanPastels (JM-0082)
  • Journey Sofft tools (JM-0098)  - a set is included with the PanPastels 
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Journey Rectangles Die Set (DI-0041)
  • Journey Circles Die Set (DI-0039)
  • Journey Foam Squares (AD-0084 and AD-0085)
  • White Liner (AD-0001)
  • Journey Craft Glue (AD-0111)
  • Journey Sequins  Blue Skies (AC-0113)
  1. Stamp the fish onto Butter Cream cardstock with Black Licorice ink.
  2. Color the fish with Summer Days and Pumpkin Bread PanPastels.  Color the fish's cheeks with Sweet Berry PanPastel.  Use an eraser to clean up any mistakes.
  3. Use the Journey Circles die set to cut one 1 3/4" and three 1" circles from Beach Ball cardstock.
  4. I used my stamp positioner for the following steps to make it easier, but they can be done without one.
  5. Stamp, "Oops! I did it again..." on a piece of scrap paper.
  6. Center the large (3.75") circle over the stamped words.
  7. Stamp the sentiment on the large circle.
If you're not using a stamp positioner, remove the large circle before proceeding.
  1. Arrange the smaller circles as shown in the picture and stamp the sentiment again.
  2. Shade the edges of the circles with Huckleberry Fusion PanPastel.
  3. Detail cut around the fish.
  4. Cut an 8.5" x 11" rectangle from Summer Days cardstock and score at 4.25" for the card base.
  5. Use the largest Journey Rectlangle die with the corresponding piercing die to cut a rectangle from Blue Lagoon cardstock. 
  6. Draw seaweed on the Blue Lagoon rectangle with Kiwi Slice Pan Pastel. 
  7. Add a sandy sea floor with Summer Days and Pumpkin Bread PanPastels.  Outline the seaweed with a fine point black marker (I used a Sakura Pigment Micron .01 pen).
  1. Use White Liner tape to attach the Blue Lagoon background to the card base.
  2. Pop the fish up on Journey Foam squares and attach it to the background.
  3. Glue the, “I did,” circle directly to the background as shown, making sure to leave enough room for the rest of the circles.
  4. Pop up the large circle up on Journey Foam Squares and align it over the smaller circle so the words line up.
  5. Pop up the remaining two stamped circles on Jouney Foam Squares and align them over the large circle.  U se a double layer of Journey Foam Squares under the edges that extend past the large circle.
  6. Add some sparkle with Blue Sky sequins.

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