Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Ornament

I was chatting with one of my friends yesterday and we were both commenting that we just weren’t into the Christmas card making spirit yet. We both have blogs (click here to see hers), but neither of us has posted for a while. So I issued a challenge. We both had to post a card by tonight.

She beat me by several hours. I have an excuse, though. My sister stopped by unexpectedly with the cutest little Chihuahua puppy I’ve ever seen. After convincing my cats that she wasn’t a snack they got along fairly well. Yes, I’m pretty sure my cat, Shotput was planning on having a feast. She’s a fairly decent mouser, and the only time I’ve seen her move so quickly was when she is after a mouse. Fortunately, my youngest son was quick enough to intervene or things could have turned out badly.

My sister stayed for the afternoon and I showed her how to do paper embroidery. We had lots of fun. She didn’t finish hers, so I sent her home with needle and embroidery floss so she could finish it later.

Here is the card I made.


You can find the pattern for the ornament on my website at:

I made the background with my Cuttelbug Holly embossing template. After embossing, I inked it with a green stamp pad. The frame was cut from some poinsettia print paper.