Saturday, March 19, 2016

Back to Basics

I've been making cards for many years now and one of the things that I've noticed is the more toys that I have the harder it is to decide which ones to use. This weekend I took a trip to the beach and as usual I wanted to bring along some paper and crafting tools in case the weather was bad (which is highly probable during March in Oregon). Rather than drag along a bunch of stuff I probably wouldn't use, I wanted to stick to the basics.  Here are the items I put in my bag that I used to make this card:
  • A  paper trimmer 
  • Scissors (Cutter Bee)
  • An embossing stylus 
  • A mechanical pencil 
  • White, silver and black gel pens (Signo Uniball UM-153) 
  • Bib Stencil  (March Simply Stencils Personal Shopper Kit)
  • A glue stick (Pioneer)
  • Assorted colors of card stock
  • Patterned paper (K & Company)
  • Design Tool Kits # 2 and #3 (Hot off the Press)
  • A light box. (If you don't have a lightbox a window will do as long as it's light outside.  Just tape the stencil to the window and tape the paper over the stencil. )
  • 5.5" x 4.25" card blank
  • Double-stick foam squares
Baby shower card for a girl


I  used my light box and embossing stylus to emboss around the outside of the bib and the bib details.  I then cut it out very close to the embossed edge leaving about a 1/32 inch border.  After cutting it out I traced around the bib and added the dots with a white gel pen.  In retrospect, that probably wouild have been easier to do before I cut it out.

Next I embossed the duck  pull toy onto yellow, orange and blue card stock, cut the pieces out and glued them over the embossed duck on the bib.  I used a black gel pen to trace the pull-string and color in the wheels.  I added the hubs with a silver gel pen.

I created the bow by embossing around the the top of the bow and the ribbon tails, then I rotated the cardstock 180 degrees and traced the top of the bow again forming the bottom of the bow.  . I drew a white line around the border and cut it out very close to the edge of the embossing.  

The labels and the scalloped mat for this card were made with Design Tool Kit # 2.   I didn't bring any stamps with me on this trip so I used my white gel pen to write the words.  For the flowers, I used the small flower from Design Tool Kit #3 and embossed it on to yellow card stock.  I hadn’t thought of using the design tools for embossing, but it worked very well.  After embossing the flowers I traced around them with the white gel pen and add a dots to the centers.

I chose a piece of the bundled sage textured card stock for the background. I mounted the scalloped Matt on white paper and trimmed around it leaving about a 16th inch border. I glued the mat to the top of the card then added the labels.    I mounted the flowers and the bib on the front of the card using double stick foam squares.  Lastly I flipped the bif stencil over and embossed the duck on the bottom right corner of the inside of the card.
Baby shower card inside


  1. This is really cute!
    Thanks for posting your list...gave me ideas for when I travel to workshops. I hope seem to take too much stuff.

  2. I just came across this. I never would of thought of a light box for all of this. Never got one since I thought they were no longer useful in the age of Sizzix machines. Adorable card! I think about you a lot.

    1. Thanks Penny, I wonder if we are thinking about each other at the same time? :)